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gzigzag needs additional command interface

I've had gzigzag on my hard disk for some time now, but I only just
recently got to sitting down and playing with it.  (It's really
something you need to RTFM on first.)  Whee, fun toy.  I wonder if I can
make anything out of it.  ;)

But I got myself into a bit of a problem.  I found out that the
disadvantage of storing all the configuration in the zigzag interface is
that if you shear the wrong thing off, you can lose many of your command
keys, including "UNDO".  Eek!

So, my question is, could there be some sort of alternate command
interface, perhaps a command line somewhere, where you could type :UNDO
regardless of what your current key bindings are?  It'd be a lifesaver.

 - Kevin

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