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GZigZag 0.5.0 has been released

GZigZag 0.5.0 has been released.

This is a new major release.  It starts a new stable series, 0.5,
and supersedes previous releases.  We hope that all users are
able to upgrade to the 0.5 series, but acknowledge that there may be
problems (which we most definitely want to hear about).  We recommend
that all users of GZigZag use a stable version.

The following noteworthy new features have been added:
  - Notemap Star view, a view showing a map of cells connected in a network
  - Parallel (Split) Nile View, a view which places two Nile streams next to
    each other and shows transclusions with beams
  - A preliminary multimedia module
  - A prototype virtual community module
Download instructions are at http://www.gzigzag.org/download.html . This
release will also soon be available as part of Debian GNU/Linux (sid and

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