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demodisk in portable format

Hello xanadoodlers!

I'm new to Perl, Linux so I'm sorry for this question and problem, but
better asking before doing than afterwards ...

Some time ago (12 or 18 months) I've tried zigzag demo disk. It worked
nice on some machines, but it didn't boot on anothers - it was a linux
configuration problem. It was pretty slow, and was only on floppy-disk.
But it was interesting and very spartan in design.

Now I've downloaded version 0.70 and tried to run on my Redhat 6.0
system. On this system it is installed Perl 5.5.3 which obviously
supports another database format ( or maybe the Berkeley DB lybraries
are 2.0 compliant instead of 1.85 or 1.86).

when I've tried to load the demo disk image after some seconds I've got
wonderful error message about predating the new format:
    Use of unintialized value at Zigzag.pm at line 956
    Sorry, this datafile pedates Zigzag v0.44.1.1.

As I learned from the mailing list the problem is about DB_file module
in Pearl ...
After seraching the web (sleepycat site), I've downloaded the sources
for version 1.85. This is an old version (1993) which obviously is not
very easy to install on my linux, as the kernel is newer a.s.o. Perhaps
I will need to downgrade also the Pearl system also ?

So, before trying all this downgrades / upgrades I make one single
question ( or maybe a proposal):

Wouldn't be simpler to make a distribution of the demodisk in text
format - I mean to be zzdumped in a portable format, which will not
depend on Pearl database interface or lybraries ?. Especially as I
understand that the new versions of zigzag are capable to make some on
the fly conversions from old data (new names for dimensions etc.)

Thanks for your attention

Nick Oprea