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Enfilade page on Wikipedia (resend to udanax)

To whomever this reaches, salutations.

    [This is a resend to the udanax@xxxxxxxxxx address.]

The Wikipedia page on Enfilades:
was a very confused mess that tried to explain laboriously
how enfilades were tumblers.  So, I tried to put in a minimal,
Wikipedia-style page actually explaining enfilades.  It is less
confused but still contains some of the previous author's stuff
("History").  It relies on my own dubious piece
for a reference.

Anyway, this is all based on my 27-year stale recollection of
enfilade theory and terminology, mixed with my own tendency to
switch to more comp-sci-standard terminology when I don't remember why
not.  It's also my first approximation to a Wikipedia page, so I'm
interested in feedback on two axes.

I hope that if the content is incorrect, it is annoying enough that those
of you who know, will improve it.

p.s.: improve: destructive edit
      improve upon: derivative work