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Re: Udanax Green crash, error response from back-end

I have put together a tar file of the sources of pyxi and the green
backend.  Put these in the right places (backing up what you have
first).  Let me know the results both good and bad.  I'm not sending
only the files that changed because I'm not sure what versions various
people have.  This version seems to run on modern machines.  I've tested
it with various versions of Python, currently Python 2.4.4c1.  I fixed a
few bugs in the backend and applied a patch to pyxi and maybe a few
other minor changes.

Grab the patch at:

BTW the backend runs on Linux 64 bit platforms, but not on Mac OSX (the
last time I tested it).  The reason is that on linux pointers are 64
bits and ints are 32 bits, while on OSX they are 64 bits.  I'm told
there is an option to feed gcc to get the 32 bit ints, but who knows if
all the calls to the libraries are clean enough.  Again let me know if
you try that.  The fact that 64 bit works at all is astonishing because
when we wrote this I'm not sure that longs even existed.  We wrote ints
to disk knowing that the code would never run on 16 bit machines, and
anyway we couldn't have tested for int clean stuff anyway. The fact that
it runs at all means we never confused pointers and ints.

Feel free to contact me.  I'll give you my phone number by private mail
if you want it.

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 15:36 +0100, Berend van Berkum wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've tried the get the Udanax Green dist to run, but it fails with a 
> similar error as Gary Mulder reported oct. 2005 [1]. The frontend starts 
> but then exits because of an error from the backend. stderr output below.
> There doesn't seem to be a core-dump as in Gary's case though, I've also 
> put a list of the files below. 
> I should say I'm more of a webdevver, familiar with webscripting and some 
> python. No c. That's why I'm excited about this frontend (having read some 
> of Nelsons' articles), I was hoping to experiment with a working backend. 
> I've also read a good part of the Whiteboard stuff at the Sunless Sea wiki, 
> but I did not understand too much of it. Never even implemented a binary 
> tree, so...
> Perhaps I should also mention I run Debian stable (Sarge) and use X