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repairs to green

I've finally been able to work on green again, and have fixed the bugs that crashed the server at about 400M of content. It now crashes at 2G, almost certainly due to a signed int.

If anyone has immediate need for this fix let me know, else I'll work on it till I can remove these limits and get it up to at least 100G. The code might be simple to compile on a 64 bit machine if anyone has an account for me on such a machine. I'm sure that would quickly fix the problem. The int problem should only be related to core/disk stuff, as the actual content stuff is all done with bignums.

This should harden the code enough that we can actually use it. Any one have any good ideas on what to use it for now. I intend to hack up a cgi interface that will let us retrieve and modify docs and links through html/cgi commands or xml. If anyone has suggestions on the cleanest way to do this we should talk, otherwise I'll hack up something direct and uuugly......

 Roger Gregory
 75 Melba
 San Francisco ca 94132
 415 664-6850 home