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YRJ & Scheran

Let me echo markm's congrats, in a *big hearty* way.  This is a
major milestone for Montage, and for Xanadu (we now have a Scheme
version of FeBe!).  Credit, as usual for this project, gets shared
amongst many contributors, but it was Rob that executed it. Way
to go! (I knew there was *some* reason we hired you. :-)).

Yeah, the stuff's still a little grotty, but much of the cleanup
is obvious and much easier than what's been done to date.

For the record, I had about the same level of comm working in the
May BE but with several notable differences:

	- There was no real permissions system so I could
	delve right into Docs & Links

	- I generated the moose objects by hand, Rob's new
	Scheran does it automagically

	- I resolved C++ overloaded functions by hand, Rob's
	new Scheran does it automagically

	- I never removed dangling handles from the IntegerTable
	used to store them, Rob's implementation does so they
	will be GC'd  (oops, make that "unreferenced handles")
	[of course we have to verify that this works]

	- I didn't have to open a connection to a remote BE.

All in all, this is a huge win.  This, along with some other events
this week has just about made my year.  This sure is an exciting
place to be working!


ps  I think Rob meant "remote" Models.  We have local Models (list,
text, graphics) working just fine in the current prototype.

pps  We await the "write-to-disk" BE with heightened anticipation.