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Important ST80 changes

I just had to change all calls to
	LinearRegion class make: start {IntegerVar} with: stop {IntegerVar}
to call
	LinearRegion class make.IntegerVar: ... with: ...
in order to clear up an overload collision between these two pseudoconstructors
on the X++ side.  Since this is called a lot, many methods had to be modified,
therefore I think everybody wants to get these changes real soon.  They are in
(This file also has some CxxBrowser changes--you may want to file in the
earlier ech-?.cha files first).
Rather than simply remove the make:with: method, I moved it into a
protocol called "smalltalk cya" and coded it to generate an error.  I had
to do this just in case I missed one somewhere since class Region has
a make:with: pseudoconstructor that takes a CoordinateSpace and a Heaper,
rather than two IntegerVars.
	- e -