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On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 05:50:23PM +1000, Gossamer wrote:
> Here's the finished code for the next version.  It's the same to the
> outside user, but the code's neater and faster and shorter and
> better commented :)

OK, here are my notes on your changes and on future work required:

* Goss should credit herself for changes
* Check why "require 5" removed; reinstate?
* (Opcode database = Edit Decision List)
* Should there be a separate EDL for each primedia stream?
* Should the server keep a primedia stream open where possible for efficiency?
* Life of a connection?  Should use persistent connections, or if not, UDP?
* Discard null insertion in both client and server
* Other null operations?
* No plus sign on version zero - it's not retrievable.
* Always use "E view", but highlight current version with character attribute?
* Map deletion operation to "delete" key
* Show pointer splits (marks) in material window, not just pointer window
* Allow unmark (shift-tab?)
* Terminate insertion (and do save) on window close or exit

Share and enjoy,
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